Remote Monitoring

The increasing complexity of business relationships between companies and their customers lead to a growing need of geographically dispersed work sites. This spatial dispersion of the work sites, leads to a cost increase that could be significantly reduced through remote monitoring systems on the Internet.

User Benefits

  • Traveling cost reduction;
  • Monitoring of the operational costs of each station;
  • Possibility of introducing new operating parameters;
  • Universal data monitoring through the Internet;
  • Real-time alarm visualization;
  • Possibility of automatic reports and journals;
  • Possible inclusion of methodologies for optimization.

The Solution

The solution developed by Oncontrol has two components. Firstly, the machine control and acquisition of local variables, which gives the most possible autonomy to the installation, collects the process data and sends it to a central server. In the following example, the local installation allowed the introduction of chemical control in the process through proportionality with the process variables.

The local controller's reliability is affected by parameters that are introduced by the users. The tuning of these parameters required the visualization of the process's parameters, which increased costs due to the need for site visits. To reduce traveling to the work sites, an application has been developed (the second component of our solution) which places the process variables on the Internet making them available to be viewed and studied.

After analyzing the process, one can introduce the new parameters through the Web service, which are then sent to the local machine, automatically updating the configurations.

Other Oncontrol services also allow to automate and optimize the process itself.

Local Equipment

In each monitoring station there is a control equipment fulfilling the application's needs and an equipment that communicates with the central data repository. The data transmission will be made via secure connections, with no access to data by third parties.

The data received at the central repository is then processed to perform the required actions (eg re-parameterizing a machine).

Web Service

The user interface is available through a web portal, where only users authorized by the organization can login and view the data through pages dedicated to your company.

There is the possibility of including company-specific modules, such as consumption estimators or even prediction of depletion of stocks.

Reports will be periodically sent, indicating the operation of the monitored processes. These reports can be easily configured by the company users.

A variety of graphical and statistical methods are also available, which allow the use of new tools for process analysis, in an evolutionary way.

The platform also provides an alarm system which detects and documents faults, providing the system with predictive capabilities.