MillExCS is an expert controller solution to automize and optimize cement and mining mills.

The main objective is to reproduce the same control actions as the best operators in an automatic way. The second important point, is that an automatic system can adapt better and faster to new operation conditions due to changes in the process (change of material grindability, abrasion of liners, etc.

Knowledge based control

MillExCS uses plant production expert knowledge via tools such as ontologies and rules rather than implicitly via code the way a conventional control program does.

MillExCS has two types of sub-systems: a knowledge base and an inference engine. The knowledge base represents facts about the world, by defining the inputs into semantical groups. The inference engine represents logical assertions and conditions about the world, usually represented via IF-THEN rules.


It is provided guaranties of 3% production improvements (ton/hour) and 5% reduction of the specific energy consumption (kWh/ton).

Installation using the existent control platform

  • No modifications are required in the existent control system;
  • Communication between PLC and MillExCS is done via an OPC server using an Ethernet connection existent in plant.