Expert Control

The usage of traditional automation techniques are not enough for the optimization of a plant. The traditional automation methodologies need operators to supervise the production process and introduce operating setpoints taking in consideration:

  1. Production objective;
  2. Quality maintenance;
  3. Raw materials restrictions;
  4. Equipment safety;
  5. People health care.

More criteria can be applied in order to operate a production process, which makes the operation of industrial process very complex to handle by traditional automation techniques.

Expert control automatize operations usually executed by people, in the supervisory level. Oncontrol Technologies has studied and developed multiple technologies, which takes in consideration:

  1. Knowledge provided by process experts;
  2. Historical data from the industrial process.

The developed technologies take in consideration the multiple variables and process restrictions in the construction of the controller. The implemented technologies allow Oncontrol Technologies to work on a large range of applications in multiple industries.