Datacube is a modular and extensible platform interface between the operator and manufacturing processes. You can see the history of processes in several ways such as:

  • Historical View;
  • Analysis of energy consumption;
  • Automatic creation of reports.

The customer can acquires features according to its needs, purchasing only the necessary modules, reducing the solution acquisition costs dedicated to each need.

Interface through Web-Browser

The Datacube was developed using web technologies to be accessible using a web-browser.

As the web-browser is a common tool, there is no learning curve for using the tool.

The Datacube is compatible with browsers that support the HTML5 standard.

Modular and Expandable

All Datacube platform is expandable via modules or plug-ins, witch allow in every moment to install a new module. A module is nothing more than files that are installed on disk and loaded at run-time by Datacube and made available to operators / users.

Although Datacube and its modules are available / accessible via web-browser, the entry into the platform and access to its modules is permitted only through login. Permission operations each module, to a specific user, is also set in the own platform of access policies. These access policies will have to be parameterized by the platform manager for each company.

Custom Development

There may be customers who need modules will measure, as such performance indicators modules (KPI) defined within a company, or even data visualization of a particular process with a certain graphics.

The OnControl Technologies enables the development according to customer needs.