In an increasingly competitive environment, and for companies to be successful, it is critical to optimize in a structural and incremental way its various production processes.

Nowadays it is essential to know how to effectively incorporated in our value chain the paradigm:

data → information → knowledge

The Oncontrol Databridge is a software that automates the first two steps (data acquisition and information management), allowing the transition of data between various devices in a transparent and automatic way.

The Databridge Platform is a flexible, modular and extensible Software. Its main aim is to acquire and transmit data between equipments and production systems. This Software has no limitations in terms of protocols or quantity of data to transfer.

Databridge was developed according to the "Extract-Transform-Load" methodology, which is widely used and tested in IT solutions. Through this approach, large amounts of data can be transferred on a global scale.

The Databridge Platform provides the following features:


In industrial environments there are different protocols for communication between various devices. In manufacturing equipments industrial "fieldbuses" of communication are very common.

Nowadays, there has been an increasing need to merge the manufacturing equipments with the enterprise systems such as databases, task scheduling systems, ERP systems, or other systems with their own complexities and specificities.

Databridge has at its disposal a wide range of communication protocols that allow access to data of different field devices and other business equipments.

Databridge allows data acquisition from various sources, being then treated within the Platform.


It is known that field data, in many cases does not provide the necessary information for problem solving. In order to create variables with relevant information, the data should undergo certain mathematical transformations.

Databridge has a set of these transformations which can be used to process existing data, even if these are originated from other transformation modules.


After performing all necessary operations, it is necessary to send the data to its destination. Databridge has a wide range of data transmission protocols, in order to be able to reach most of the data field devices or corporative softwares (ERP, etc.).

Information Flow

The modules presented above allow you to manipulate data with ease and safety. However, it is necessary to control the flow of data between different application modules.

For this purpose, Databridge has a complex system of managing data streams which allows the data transfer between several existing blocks.

Flexibility and Expandability

Databridge was developed based on flexibility and expandability. Flexibility is guaranteed by the possibility of combining several blocks, so that they can be used to solve different problems for which they were originally designed for.

Databridge was built in a modular form, being the development of the new modules rapid and expeditious. If further developments are needed to solve new problems, the focus will be given only to the required modules and not to the currently existing ones. Although, if it possible, the existing modules can be reutilized to build the new ones.


The modules developed for this platform have been successfully re-used in a variety of Acontrol clients. The whole platform has been tested in various applications, and has been proving its robustness.

When new module developments are needed, the binding mechanisms between the Platform and the modules - as well as the data transmission - have already been tested. Thus, any occurring errors are consequently easier to detect and correct.