Efficient and effective automated systems don't just happen - they are designed. Oncontrol has the knowledge and expertise to program your complete system from the ground up, or integrate new components into your existing system.

PLC and DCS Programming

The workhorse of any automated system, effective PLC programming is as much a creative process as anything else. This is especially true as control loops become more complex. But the better the programming, the more efficient the PLC, and the operation it performs, will be.

DCS are now arriving to control large processes and factories. Their performances and agreegation of main control objects permit a better maintenance of the plan control, but the architecture design must be efficient and clean.

Oncontrol's team of programmers is experienced in most the world's leading PLC manufacturers including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Honeywell or ABB.

SCADA Programming

A strong SCADA system pulls it all together with complete integration of all PLCs on the network, with the perfect interface to the plant operators. A reliable database to store incoming systems monitoring, and a user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays all system information accurately and allows smooth and precise control of all systems.

But SCADA programming doesn't stop there. Your systems need to remain functional throughout any operating conditions including:

  • Startup and shutdown;
  • Normal and abnormal operation;
  • Emergency shutdown sequence.

Oncontrol has the experience to ensure your system operates at peak performance during any conditions.